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Discover fast, interesting fun Bear Facts for kids with some amazing, cool and quick information. Ideal for children, homework, schools, teachers and kids of all ages! Find out answers to questions like: Where do Bears live?

  • Bears are found in northern North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • The scientific name for the brown bear is Ursus arctos.
  • Male brown bears average about 700 pounds (318 kilograms). Females average about 350 pounds (159 kilograms).
  • Bear Facts

    Bears can run up to 40 miles per hour.

  • Bears, eat mostly vegetation. They supplement their diets with the meat of fish and small mammals.
  • A bear may chow down on 90 pounds (40 kilograms) of food each day.
  • Bears live as long as 30 years in the wild.
  • Most bears are born without fur. Only polar bears and giant pandas are born with thin fur.
  • Unlike many mammals, bears can see in color.
  • Like people, all bears except pandas walk by putting their feet flat on the ground.
  • Most bears have 42 teeth, which is about 10 more than people have.
  • Not all bears hibernate.
  • During hibernation, a bear does not defecate. Its body can somehow recycle body waste into protein.
  • Spectacled bears are the only wild bears that live in South America.
  • The Sun bear is the smallest of the bears and is about the size of a large dog.

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