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Did you know that the first cow arrived in the United States in 1611 in the Jamestown colony? Check out the collection of the most interesting cow facts!

  • There are approximately 11 million cows in the United States.
  • All “cows” are female! Only males are called bulls.
  • In order for a cow to produce milk, they must first have a calf.
    Cow facts

    Cows say “moo” as a way to communicate.

  • A cow can produce 6 gallons of milk a day.
  • A cow has 32 teeth. A cow will chew about 50 times in a minute.
  • A cow has one stomach with four compartments.
  • A cow consumes about 40 pounds of food in a day, and 50 gallons of water.
  • A cow will urinate about 30 gallons and produce about 60 pounds of manure daily!
  • A cow will stand up and lay down about fourteen times a day.
  • Cows can sleep while they are standing up.
  • Cows can go up stairs but cannot walk down.
  • A cow is pregnant for nine months. A calf is about 90 pounds when they are born.
  • In India where they practice the Hindu religion cows are sacred.

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