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Ladybug facts for everyone! How much do you know about ladybugs? Here are some interesting facts regarding these cute friendly beetles, so be sure to check them out!

  • As ladybugs age, the color of their spots fades.
  • Ladybugs are beetles. Not all beetles are ladybugs.
  • There are 5000 different varieties of ladybugs in the world.
    Ladybug Facts

    Ladybugs do not have many natural enemies.

  • Ladybugs even use their feet to smell.
  • Ladybugs can live up to nine months.
  • Ladybugs breathe through openings on the sides of their bodies.
  • While flying, a ladybug beats wings 85 times in a sec.
  • A ladybug bites if you squeeze it, but the bite doesn’t hurt.
  • Ladybugs leak their body fluids when attacked.
  • Though most ladybugs eat insects, a few species eat plants and are considered pests.
  • In its lifetime, a female ladybug will lay as many as 2,000 eggs.
  • A ladybug will use its front legs to clean its head and its antennae.
  • A ladybug can retract its head into its body.
  • Ladybugs chew their food side to side.
  • Ladybugs will play dead when threatened.
  • Ladybugs may hibernate indoors but will not reproduce or lay eggs in homes.

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