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You just need to get more familiar with this cute animal! Find out more about pigs and their lifestyle with Kidspress Magazine. We collected the most interesting pig facts in one place.

  • Pigs are extraordinarily intelligent, they are smarter then dogs.
  • In Denmark there are twice as many pigs then people!
  • Pigs have 44 teeth.
    Pig Facts

    People with allergies sometimes have pigs as pets because they have hair not fur and they do not shed.

  • Pigs have 15,000 taste buds! Humans have 9,000.
  • Pigs drink up to 14 gallons of water every day.
  • Pigs have 4 toes on each foot but they only walk on 2.
  • Pigs have a tremendous sense of smell.
  • Pigs dream, much as humans do.
  • Pig hearts have been used in human heart transplants.
  • Pigs communicate constantly with one another.
  • Mother pigs sing to their piglets while nursing.
  • Pigs are very clean, keeping their toilet area far away from where they lie down and eat.
  • Pigs have no sweat glands and, therefore, they don’t sweat.
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