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Check out our range of fun snake facts for kids. Snakes are fascinating creatures.  Have a look at snake facts and you will come to know how dangerous they are.

  • There are about 3,200 species of snakes. Only about 20% are venomous.
  • Snakes do not have eye lids. They also do not have ears. They are totally deaf.
  • Snakes have two long lungs, a long liver, kidneys and intestines.
    Snake Facts

    A spitting cobra can spit venom at a perceived target about 5-7 feet away.

  • Snakes have more than 200 teeth, which they do not use to chew.
  • Snakes shed their entire skin, or molt, nearly three times a year.
  • Snakes move by relaxing and contracting muscles lengthwise along the body.
  • Some snakes are capable of flying. Actually, it is gliding from one tree branch to another.
  • The biggest snake is the Reticulated Python.  It can grow up to 10.05 meters or 33 feet long!
  • The Hognose, Grass snake and the Spitting Cobra will fake death when feeling threatened.
  • The venom of a King Cobra is strong enough to kill an elephant.
  • After a heavy meal, snakes tend to sleep for days or even weeks. In winters, they even fall into deep sleep for months.
  • Some snakes are oviparous and lay eggs. Some snakes are viviparous and give birth to live young ones.
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