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Get information, interesting facts about Antoine Laurent Lavoisier at Kidspress magazine. Lavoisier facts, read on!

  • Antoine Laurent Lavoisier was born in Paris on Aug. 26, 1743.
  • Lavoisier is a Father of modern chemistry.
  • Lavoisier showed that all substances can exist in the three stages of matter.
    Lavoisier Facts

    “In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes.” ― Antoine Lavoisier

  • Antoine Lavoisier is famous for the oxygen theory of combustion.
  • To show that respiration is combustion, he once packed a pig in ice and measured the amount of melt water that was produced by body heat.
  • Lavoisier also discovered the role of oxygen in the rusting of iron.
  • He found out that oxygen reacted with hydrogen forming a molecule of water.
  • He discovered elements, formulated a basic law of chemistry and helped create the metric system.
  • Lavoisier was the first scientist to outline the law of conservation of mass.
  • Lavoisier was awarded a medal by King Louis XIII for his street lamp design.
  • Lavoisier worked as well to improve economic and social conditions in France.
  • Lavoisier was so serious about his work that he put himself on a milk and bread diet to spend less time eating, and more time researching.
  • He was eventually executed  in on 8 May 1794.

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