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Presenting visual reminders around the classroom is important, and what better way to do so than with colorful posters from KidsPress? This poster can be displayed in any classroom in order to help students understand the various degrees of comparison.

Posting these visuals for the various degrees of comparison can help writers of all abilities. Whether your students are struggling to find the appropriate words to use, or capable of determining when a superlative is appropriate to use, this poster can help them improve their writing.

Within this download, you will find two different free posters. On each poster you will find all of the different degrees of comparison. For example, little, less, and least or tall, taller, and tallest. Posting these posters around the classroom can help students select the correct degree of comparison in their own writing.

You can easily download and print this poster today! Add some color to your classroom walls while simultaneously reminding your students to add select their words carefully with the help of this free english poster!

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Get it now!
Get it now!