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If you want to learn a few cool tricks of predicting what the weather be like in the near future, go no further! These tips can come in handy whenever we’re outdoors. Just observe your environment, the animals, the plants, and you can become a knowledgeable weather forecaster!

Watch the clouds, look for a rainbow, detect which direction the wind is blowing, smell the air and look at the moon at night! You can tell a lot about the forthcoming weather conditions based on the behavior of some animals. Cats tend to clean behind their ears before rain. Seagulls stop flying and cows lie down if a storm is coming. If birds fly high, there will probably be fair weather.

Stock yourself up with the fun methods displayed on the infographic and try them out next time! You will see how much fun it is to forecast weather. You will be surprised by how accurate your predictions will be!

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