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All humans have important internal organs that we need to survive.  Let’s look at what the major internal organs do:

Internal Organs
1. Brain – The brain is the body’s control center.  It responds to information from the senses and sends signals to the other parts of the body telling them what to do.

2. Digestive system – The digestive system includes the mouth, throat, stomach, liver, and intestines.  This is the path that food and drinks follow after you chew and swallow them.  The digestive system pulls nutrients out of your food to be used in your body.

3. Genital organs – Genital organs are where sperm (males) and eggs (females) are produced and are also the parts which humans use to reproduce.

4. Heart – The heart is a strong muscle that pumps blood around your whole body, following a steady rhythm.

5. Kidneys – Your kidneys filter your blood.  They are used to make sure that the right levels of salts and sugars are present in your blood.

6. Liver – The liver helps to clean toxins out of the blood and also produces many of the chemicals needed to digest food.

7. Lungs – Your lungs expand and contract, sucking in oxygen-rich air from around you and breathing out used air that has a lot of carbon dioxide.  They are responsible for getting oxygen into, and carbon dioxide out of, your blood.

8. Stomach – The stomach is the main digester in your body.  It contains a strong acid that helps to break down your food.

9. Thyroid gland – The thyroid is an important gland located in the throat that controls how your body uses energy and builds proteins.  It’s important to keep you growing and developing.


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