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These 3 pictures should look pretty familiar – because they’re you!  You and everyone else, that is.  All of us humans are composed of more or less the same things, in the same places, even though we may look quite different on the outside.  So what’s under your skin?  Let’s take a closer look… Skeleton, muscles and internal organs.


Skeleton – The human skeleton is made up of over 200 individual bones, from the tiniest bones in your feet and your inner ear, to whoppers like your pelvis, femur (upper leg bone), and cranium (the biggest bone in your head!).  Your bones are mostly made of a very strong calcium-based mineral.  So what do bones do, exactly?  For starters, they give firm support to your body, so you aren’t just a sack of mush.  They also protect your internal organs, and blood cells are also produced inside of them.  If that wasn’t enough, they provide hard anchor points for your muscles to pull against, so you can move!

Muscles – Speaking of muscles, you can see in these pictures how muscles cover your entire skeleton and also attach to it.  Muscles are made of bundles of fibres that can stretch and shrink, just like an elastic band, to make the different parts of your body move.  If you thought you had a lot of bones, get this – the average human body contains about 650 different muscles!  That doesn’t mean they’re all big, though.

Internal OrgansInternal organs are the different parts of your body that have different important functions, like your brain, heart, liver, kidneys, intestines, and more. These really important bits are kept safe in the head and abdomen, protected from the outside world by a tough framework of bones and a covering of muscles.

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