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Human skeleton

Male Human skeleton, two views, front and back.

Humans, including you, are born with an incredible 270 different bones!  Some of these join together leaving 206 unique bones by the time you’re an adult.  Our bones are strong, flexible, and pretty darn nice to have inside.  Let’s have a look at the main parts of human skeleton – get on your x-ray glasses!

Head Bones – Starting from the top, your cranium is made up of a number of slightly curved bones that protect your brain (top and back) and create the shape of your face (front).  These bones are tightly stuck together.  The mandible, or lower jaw bone, is the only bone in the head that moves freely.  Together, the mandible and the cranium make up your skull.  There are also tiny little bones found inside your ears that help you to hear!

Carcass Bones – It’s a bit of a nasty term, but the carcass bones are simply the bones that protect and support the major organs of your body but aren’t used for moving around.  This set of bones consists of your ribcage, and spinal column.  Your ribs are flexible and strong, allowing your lungs to expand and contract, while your spinal column is made up of 24 vertebrae that allow for your back and neck to move and bend.

Upper Limb Bones – Your upper limbs bones include all the bones in your fingers, hands, arms, and shoulders.

Lower Limb Bones – Your lower limbs are your legs!  This group of bones is made up of all the bones in your lower spine (the sacrum and coccyx), your pelvis and hips, your legs, your feet, and all the way down to the tiny bones in your toes.

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