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Did you know that Michael Faraday is as cool as Tesla? He is! Find out more about this inventor with the help of Kidspress Magazine! Michael Faraday facts.

  • Michael Faraday was a British Citizen, born in London in 1791.
  • In 1821, he proved that magnetism that was created by an electric current could set a magnet in motion.
  • Putting the theory of electric induction into practical use, he made the very first dynamo which was used in electricity generation.
    Michael Faraday Facts

    “A man who is certain he is right is almost sure to be wrong.”
    ― Michael Faraday

  • In his honor a unit of electricity was also named after him. A “faraday” is the amount of electricity measured during electrolysis.
  • Faraday created the first transformer (the thing that’s inside the big brick on your laptop charger) and the first electric generator.
  • You have Faraday to thank when your doctor orders an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan.
  • His interest wasn’t limited to electromagnetism and physics. The Bunsen burner was invented by Faraday.
  • Faraday also dabbled in chemistry, discovering chemical substances such as benzene, inventing the system of oxidization numbers, and liquefying gases.
  • Faraday invented the toy balloon (before him balloons were made from pigs bladders and animal intestines).
  • Faraday was a consultant about the lighthouses and worked for methods of improving the lighting of the harbors.
  • Faraday refused to accept a knighthood and declined becoming the President of the Royal Society.
  • Michael Faraday died peacefully in 1867.
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