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Our solar system is the sun and the 8 planets (9 if you count Pluto) that orbit around it.  Can you name them all?
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Planet Number: 1
Name: Mercury
Namesake: Roman messenger of the gods (because the planet runs fast – it orbits the sun once every 88 Earth days!)
Type: stony planet
-travels the fastest
-smallest planet (not counting Pluto)

Planet Number: 2
Name: Venus
Namesake: Roman goddess of love and beauty (because it shines brightly in the sky)
Type: stony planet
-has a thick atmosphere with incredible pressure and heat (at least 462 °C = 864 °F)

Planet Number: 3
Name: Earth
Type: stony planet
Notes: With water, a stable atmosphere and even temperatures, this is a great place to live, especially compared to other planets!

Planet Number: 4
Name: Mars
Namesake: Roman god of war
Type: stony planet
-covered with old volcanoes and asteroid craters, and some ice, Mars is the planet most like Earth

Planet Number: 5
Name: Jupiter
Namesake: Roman king of the gods
Type: gas giant
-largest planet, 2.5 times bigger than all the other planets put together
-has 67 moons

Planet Number: 6
Name: Saturn
Type: gas giant
-famous for its rings of rock and ice chunks
-has 62 moons

Planet Number: 7
Name: Uranus
Namesake: Greek god of the sky (Ouranos)
Type: ice giant
-the planet with the coldest air temperatures (down to -224˚C!)

Planet Number: 8
Name: Neptune
Namesake: Roman god of the sea
Type: ice giant
-furthest planet from the sun with an orbit that takes almost 165 Earth years to go around the sun once

Planet Number: 9 (sort of)
Name: Pluto
Namesake: Roman god of the underworld
Type: dwarf planet
-Pluto is so small, much smaller than Earth’s moon, that it was downgraded from being a planet to being called a dwarf planet.
-It’s so far away from the sun that it takes 250 years to orbit around it!

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